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B vitamins, Vitamin C + D, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and Coconut electrolytes. The daily Is free from soy, peanuts, dairy, egg.

Option 1: Poor 1 X 2.5g sachet of The Daily into an empty water glass, top with 250-300ml chilled water and serve.

Option 2: Add 1 X 2.5g sachet of The Daily to your smoothie, juice or coconut water. Stir until dissolved. Then serve.

The Daily does not contain any gluten based products. However, gluten testing was not performed so absolute clarity is not available at this time.

The daily contains no added sugar. The Daily contains <.1g/100g of sugar, from the natural components of coconut.


The active ingredients have different natural colours and need to mix and dissolve with the natural and nature identical colours and flavours.


Our foil sachets are, currently, not recyclable. A small inner bilayer of plastic is required to provide certainty against cross contamination. In short, as our customers health and safety has to be protected and a 100% foil sachet is not currently permitted by the TGA. Our outer/secondary packaging is biodegradable


No problem. Just email us at hello@vitadrop.co

Estimated delivery between 2-6 business days* from the date of dispatch. If you live outside metro areas, please allow an additional 2 working days for delivery.