How it works

Hydration For Your Hyper-Active Lifestyle

Our oral rehydration powder is designed for the modern work-hard play-hard lifestyle. The powerful electrolyte complex combined with the added benefit of vitamins and minerals will keep your body hydrated and operating at 100%.

Why is this so important?

Dehydration can affect everything from your cognitive function to your physical performance and mood.

The human body is made up of over 60% water and if you lose even 1% of that - the tipping point for mild dehydration - you can experience lethargy, dizziness and mood swings.

Dehydration can even exacerbate the effect of alcohol. 

Restoring electrolytes and drinking fluids serves a wide range of purposes in our bodies including improving your immune and digestive system, helping you avoid afternoon slump and helping us live better lives overall. 

Stay happy, healthy and hydrated.

Certified efficacy

A curated formula of 15 active Ingredients that deliver hydration directly into your bloodstream faster than water alone; and without side effects (like jitters and insomnia) caused by caffeine in sport drinks and coffee.

Scientifically formulated

Vitadrop uses safe and effective TGA certified ingredients to boost your focus and motivation and counter stress. Pre-portioned into single serve sachets. Highly soluble without the addition of unnecessary excipients or fillers.

Immune System Support

Vitadrop contains essential vitamins to boost your body's natural defences. Vitamin C & D to help improve immune function and reduce the impact of cold symptoms. Vitamin D, B12 and B6 help support immunity and provide natural energy.

Active ingredients delivered direct.

What's In It?

Pick a plan that fits your lifestyle.

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the community feedback

A hydrating powder sachet with the right balance of electrolytes and B vitamins. I love it! I exercise a lot, can get stressed and love coffee - all contributors to low vitamin B. I take “The Daily” once in the afternoon to replenish fluid lost through exercise and to maintain healthy vitamin B levels

Jane Ingram

It's super bright and green, tastes amazing and really gives me a pep in my step - it’s amazing.

Ben Hart